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March 7, 2022
President Joe Biden’s call for greater transparency in nursing home ownership must extend to the industry’s clinical leaders as well, according to a top clinician advocate.
March 4, 2022
Columbia, MD – AMDA – The Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine applauds the Biden Administration’s continued focus on patients and residents in post-acute and long-term care (PALTC). The proposals presented during this week’s State of...
March 3, 2022
The Biden administration’s approach toward nursing home reform uses the unsuccessful and “punitive” tactics that haven’t proved to advance quality for years, according to a top industry group.
March 2, 2022
Long-term care advocates say they are grateful President Joe Biden is placing what they call a much-needed priority on nursing homes, but the administration’s plan to crack down on providers through more oversight is also a disappointment, many in...
February 10, 2022
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 10, 2022 Contact: Ellen Mullally /410-992-3124 Direct care workers play an essential role in the lives and care of older adults receiving post-acute and long-term care (PALTC). Yet, despite decades...
February 9, 2022
Assisted living must be reimagined as an affordable care option providing quality, person-centered care that melds social and medical models, according to industry experts.
February 4, 2022
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 3, 2022 Contact: Ellen Mullally /410-992-3124 Columbia, MD – The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the pervasive shortcomings of long-term care and how those shortcomings affect the 8.5 million people...
January 26, 2022
The nursing home sector appears to have picked up a few allies as it continues to look for ways to address price gouging from staffing agencies.
January 26, 2022
n the wake of the US Supreme Court’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate rulings, medical groups and public health organizations expressed a mixture of relief and disappointment. On one hand, the nation’s highest court had upheld the Centers for Medicare...
January 25, 2022
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 25, 2022 Contact: Ellen Mullally /410-992-3124 While some experts recommend high-speed resistance training (HSRT) as a possible strategy to manage frailty in older adults, research to support this is...