The Impact of Value Based Medicine on Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine

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Charles A. Crecelius, MD, PhD, CMD

This session will discuss the concept of value based medicine (VBM), how the post-acute/long-term care (PALTC) practitioner will be affected by it, and how to utilize VBM to improve patient care. VBM initially was designed as an outpatient concept but is quickly moving into PALTC. In so doing many issues have arisen which the practitioner should be aware of for survival and success. The differing models under VBM, such as accountable care organizations, bundled payment models and alternative practice models will be discussed, especially as related to quality measurement and cost efficacy. Future iterations of VBM will be more PALTC focused and will allow the practitioner to link the principles of quality improvement and performance improvement to positive resident outcomes in a VBM system. The medical director and practitioner who are adapting VBM will be increasingly important to the success of the facility and resident outcomes.

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