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CMD-Mentored Fellowship Experience Overview

ABPLM CMD certification through eligibility pathway option 1 (see full eligibility requirements) requires two years of employment experience as a medical director or associate medical director in the long-term care setting. Through a CMD-mentored fellowship experience, one year of this medical director experience may be completed during the fellowship period. In order for the fellow to meet the employment eligibility requirement through this experience, the fellow must hold a position as either Medical Director or Associate Medical Director in a long-term care setting for one year during fellowship training and for one year during post-fellowship training. The second year of post-fellowship employment must be completed within five years of completing the fellowship. 

Covering the four key areas of medical directorship: physician leadership, patient care‐clinical leadership, quality of care, elements of a structured and CMD-mentored experience will include at a minimum the following:

  1. Fellow will be supervised and mentored by a certified medical director (CMD). This experience will allow the fellow to participate in federal, state, and other external surveys and inspections, and assist in physician performance expectations and other responsibilities of the medical director. Fellow will play an increasingly important role, participating in leadership activities within a long-term care facility (under the mentorship of a CMD). These activities will include:
    1. Finance and scheduling meetings
    2. QI meetings
    3. Admissions meetings
    4. Nursing home meetings
  2. Fellow will provide longitudinal patient care in a long-term care setting. They will act upon consultant recommendations, participate in administrative decision‐making directly related to patient care, and help review policies related to advance care planning and other ethical issues.
  3. Fellow will participate in quality improvement (QI) as part of that experience.
  4. Fellow will learn key aspects of nursing home medicine.
  5. Fellow will participate in one scholarly project involving an important aspect of long-term care. Generally, the project will be designed to help the facility provide a safe and caring environment and promote resident and employee health and safety.
  6. Fellow will promote a learning culture through quarterly presentations on current topics in long-term care. The target audience will include staff and residents (patients). This will allow the fellow to keep abreast and current with medical knowledge and the changing social, regulatory, and political issues affecting LTC.
  7. Fellow will attend the Core Curriculum on Medical Direction (Parts 1 & 2)
  8. Fellow will complete the fellowship program in good standing and register for ABIM/ABFP board certification exam in geriatrics.

Approval for enrollment in the CMD-mentored experience is required prior to the start of the fellowship. Contact the ABPLM Director at, or call 410-992-3117 to discuss enrollment.

Download CMD-Mentored Experience Attestation